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Praise Be Unto Our Jesus!!!
We are up and running for another year 2020, this will be our 26th year as a ministry unto our Lord. I am so excited and blessed to still be a part of Hope and for those who don’t know, last year in October 2019 I had Cataract Surgery in both my eyes! I am pleased to say I now have 2020 vision in both eyes and I do not have to use reading glasses, how awesome is that! My prayer is for the Lord to restore my spiritual vision as well. The meaning is that He will continue to reveal His truth unto us, as we go forth in this very cloudy world we call life. My heart is to share with all who come to Hope seeking the truth in these strenuous days ahead. I would love to be able to say to all who come to Hope, that no matter what your earthly issues are, God already has the answer written before any one of them ever came into being. Psalm 139:16. Perhaps they could come to the answer as I have, we have received the single most important thing a human being can do while in this World. We have become born again of the Spirit of Christ Jesus and He is in control of our lives, so we must turn all things over to Him. We have been crucified with Christ and we no longer live, but Christ now lives in us and the life we live now is in the Son of God, who loves us and gave His life for us… Galatians 2:20
I pray that all of you reading this have received His life, and Know that you Know how much He wants to share His love of and for the Father with us through all the good and bad times of life in this World.
John 16:33 In this world we will have trials and tribulations, but take heart for He (our Jesus) has overcome the World…I give any, all an open invitation to contact us at Hope to talk more about the reason we are alive unto Christ! Love you all, in the name of JESUS, JOE


Thank you God for all you have done and for what you are getting ready to do through our
10th Annual Fundraiser/Dinner. The staff and volunteers at Hope are truly blessed to be part of God’s big plan and blessed by all that come out and support us at our fundraiser. We ask God, our father to bless each and everyone that comes out to support us. This year the fundraiser will be April 18, 2020 at the Greater Senior Center of Palm Bay, from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Our theme this year will be “Down by the Sea.”
We would also like to thank our community for all of the donations for the auction & raffles. If you are part of the community and would like to donate for the auction, please contact me at Hope Ministries 321-676-5588,
and I will pick it up for you and make sure that you will be mentioned at our fundraiser. Thank you for all the continued support that you give, which allows Hope Ministries to continue the work that God has planned for us, “Helping Hearts Heal”. Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 33:22

We would like to thank all of the churches and volunteers, who helped make Angel Tree 2019 a success for Brevard County. We are still in desperate need of churches in Titusville and Cocoa to join us in this endeavor, to ensure the real forgotten children are remembered. This ministry isn’t about the men or women who are in prison, but their children who are indeed the innocent victims, in all of this. For information about joining this ministry please contact Tom Murgatroyd at 321-676-5588, or 321-704-6325. Reaching out to inmates and their families, letting them know that we’ve lived it and that there’s a possibility of a full and happy life.
Anger Management Classes & individual counseling are also available. Call 321-676-5588 for an appointment.
Blessings, Tom & Barbara Murgatroyd.

A while ago I read about a fascinating true story that occurred over 100 years ago, in a Scottish seaside inn. Here is the story as I remember it.

“A group of fishermen were relaxing after a long day at sea. As a serving maid was walking past with a pot of tea, one of the fishers made a sweeping gesture to describe the size of the fish he claimed to have caught. His hand collided with the teapot and sent it crashing against the whitewashed wall, where its contents left an irregular brown splotch.
Standing nearby, the innkeeper surveyed the damage. “That stain will never come out,” he said. “The whole wall will have to be repainted.” “Perhaps not”, all eyes turned to the stranger who had just spoken. “What do you mean?” asked the innkeeper. “Let me work with the stain,” said the stranger. “If my work meets your approval, you won’t need to repaint the wall.”

The stranger picked up a box and went to the wall. He withdrew pencils, brushes, and some glass jars of linseed oil and pigment. He began to sketch lines around the stain and fill it in here and there with dabs of color and swashes of shading. The random splashes of tea had been turned into the image of a stag with a magnificent rack of antlers. At the bottom of the picture, the man inscribed his signature.
The innkeeper was stunned when he examined the wall. “Do you know who that man was?” he asked in amazement. The signature reads “E.H. Landseer.” Indeed, they had been visited by the well-known painter of wildlife, Sir Edwin Landseer.

If you have ever been to London and visited Trafalgar Square, it was that same artist, Sir Edwin Landseer, who, in 1858, was commissioned by the British government to make the four bronze lions that sit at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square to this day.
Many of the people I see each week in my office, or in meetings that I attend, have “horrible stains” in their lives. Stains that are there because of the bad choices they made last year or last week. Those stains have become constant reminders to them and their families, of their drug, alcohol or porn addiction. Their past continues to torment them every day, robbing them of a better tomorrow. They struggle to take their eyes off of those ugly stains from their past.
But here is the good news; God can turn any stain in someone's life into a thing of beauty. He can change adversities into assets. He can take the negative stain in our past and turn it into a masterpiece. If an artist can do that with an ugly brown stain on a wall, what do you think God can do with the mistakes and bad choices from our past? I see miracles walking around every week, who have given Jesus their broken and stained life. They have become HIS masterpieces. God is much bigger than our messes. Whenever I see people who are struggling with addictions, I don’t look at the stain their addictions have created. I look ahead to the masterpiece that God is going to create in their lives.
Lew Gervais Email: Lew@LGervais.com Phone: 321-508-7603

Codependency (in its broadest sense) can be defined as "an addiction to people, behaviors, or things.”Codependency is the fallacy of trying to control interior feelings by controlling people, things, and events on the outside. To the codependent, control or the lack of it is central to every aspect of life. God wants us to have healthy relationships with a balance between being dependent and independent. The most effective means for overcoming codependent relationships is to establish a relationship with Christ Himself.
Every fourth woman you see may have experienced sexual abuse as a child. In addition to the children who are sexually abused; many adults have been assaulted by an acquaintance or stranger. As you seek recovery from the effects of sexual abuse you learn to put your faith and trust in God through Christ to restore your spiritual and emotional health.
This study will focus on how our thoughts affect our emotional, relational and spiritual development. Our feelings, behavior, and beliefs all interact to shape our lives. The goal is to enable a wide range of people to apply the Scriptures specifically and deeply to real issues in their lives. There are two possible options we can choose to determine our self-worth. The world’s system: is
Self-Worth=Performance (what you do + Other’s Opinions), (what others think or say about you). God’s System: is Self-Worth = God’s Truth about You. Call Linda at Hope Ministries, 321-676-5588 to make an appointment.