APRIL 2017

May 2, 2017

He is our all in all, for all, to all, and for all of our issues, through our Human experience….When we finally get to the conclusion found in Galatians 2:20; that we have been crucified with Christ and we no longer live, but Christ now lives in me and the life I now live in the flesh I now live by Faith in the Son of God, who loves me and gave His life for Me…. Then we can begin to put this, the rest of our journey in the right perspective.
We are children of God now living a human experience and not the other way around. We are not humans having a God experience. Switching to the true perspective changes how we live daily, moment by moment, from one of self worry, doubts and fears; to one who lives by the victory of Christ relying more and more upon Him and not ourselves. If this sounds foreign to you as a Christian, please make an appointment to come and talk with me at Hope Ministries.
I look forward to our meeting in His Name, “Jesus”. I can be reached at: pjpel3740@gmail.com
Now, I would like to express my great joy and expectation for our upcoming Annual Fund Raising Event.
The scripture found in Psalms 133, comes to my heart. How good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in Unity, for there the Lord bestows His blessing even life forevermore…. Our Fund Raising event is a night sharing God’s love and compassion from one to another. We desire to be an expression of Fun in Fund Raising; sharing all the gifts God has given to sustain Hope for the next year, as a viable ministry in His NAME…
Thank you in advance for giving of your time, resources and prayers. By our love for one another the world will know that we are His disciples’…Amen Blessings and Life! In Christ, Joe

It is that time of year again, Our 7th Annual Fundraiser will be happening on May 20, 2017.
If you would like to get tickets at a discount go to our Face book page and follow it every day. If you “Like”, make a “Comment”, and “Share” the page, I will give you a discount on your dinner tickets. God has blessed Hope Ministries in a community with many businesses that generously donate to make our fundraiser possible every year. We want to say “Thank You” and may God our Father bless all your businesses and families.
I have been so blessed to be part of Hope Ministries and being there on a weekly basis to witness the hearts that come in hurting and experience the healing that occurs.
Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform us into new people by changing the way we think and then we learn to know God’s will for us which is good and pleasing and perfect. Roman 12: 2

I am very grateful that I am still excited about ministry even while declining health has forced several decisions that place limitations on the scope of ministry. Last April I wrote in a newsletter that “many have commented over the years that my ministry has always seemed to be busy and ambitious”. At almost 77 I am accepting that I have physical limitations and accordingly have adjusted the goals of the ministry.
The new goals are to serve two local Fire Departments as Chaplain with the new support of an Associate Chaplain Father Norm Desrosiers, who has joined me in this ministry. He has an excellent background for this work having served as an Air Force Chaplain for 26 years. Together we hope to serve 9 fire stations and about 150 firefighters.
The last but not least goal is to love and support family. Together, Judy and I have a large family, and they are all special. We hope to spend time with and enjoy our family. Bless you, Dick Phelps

I will begin an ongoing C0-Dependency Group using the book “Love Is A Choice” on Wednesday’s
@ 5:30PM on May 10, 2017.
Codependency (in its broadest sense) can be defined as "an addiction to people, behaviors, or things." Codependency is the fallacy of trying to control interior feelings by controlling people, things, and events on the outside. To the codependent, control or the lack of it is central to every aspect of life. God wants us to have healthy relationships with a balance between being dependent and independent. The most effective means for overcoming codependent relationships is to establish a relationship with Christ Himself.
Ladies lets take this healing journey together from Codependency to interdependence with God the one with the Power to bring it about. This is a women's book study. Call Hope Ministries at 676-5588 and ask for Linda Dixon if you would like to attend or for more information. Cost of the book is $ 11.00. CHILDCARE NOT PROVIDED.
You can start anytime. If evenings are inconvenient, I can do the study individually on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday by appointment between 9-5PM, also with Search for Significance, Shelter from the Storm, and Classic Christianity. For more information on these studies go to our website address noted on the top front of this newsletter.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)
I don’t see demons behind every tree, but I certainly witness the affects demons have on people all around me. I was told about a young woman who was blocking her ears because she was convinced that worms were crawling out of her head through her ears. Hallucinations like these are common place for people who shoot meth. Even after several trips to the emergency room because of hallucinations this addict has expressed no desire to get help. As if that wasn’t enough to get her attention, she was told by the doctor that she has some serious medical issues that need to be addressed immediately. Her response… “I don’t have time to be bothered with that”. My interpretation… she is too busy getting high to bother with her health. This kind of attitude is so common among people who are self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.
This week I had a long phone session with a young lady who told me she had been forced by her parents or the court system into treatment programs 17 times in the past 12 years. Even after successfully finishing several of these programs the changes in her life were temporary at best. My conclusion after talking with her is that we cannot force someone into sobriety until they are actually ready. We can make life difficult for the addict, but until they make the decision to quit drugs or alcohol the changes that recovery programs will make in their lives will most likely be temporary at best.
Last night in a recovery meeting I shared my own experience that even after being hospitalized for a drug overdose, arrested for driving under the influence of drugs for the second time, and forced into a treatment program by the Air Force in 1972 I still continued to get high. It wasn’t until ‘I’ made the decision to quit taking drugs that my recovery had a chance. After I decided to surrender to the Lordship of Christ my life really started to change. I shared in that meeting that I didn’t get sober through a 12 step recovery program, but through a life altering encounter with the Living God. When I surrendered; Christ came to me, and started the internal transformation changing me from the inside-out. That transformation is what changed my behavior and ultimately my life. My drug research was over.
This is the message I give everyone that calls or visits my office. The problem is that many of these people have not decided to quit yet, or they are opposed to the Spiritual medicine I am telling them about. They are not ready to surrender their messed up lives to Christ. They are still convinced that they can have their cake and eat it to. They are only willing to do recovery “on their own terms” and that seldom works. Those are the people that I reluctantly have to tell to go out and continue to do their research. Before they leave my office or hang up the phone I usually say to them, “When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired and are desperate enough to change, come back and see me, my door is always open.” Some of these people will eventually make their way back with a new resolve to do whatever they need to do in order to get and stay sober. The frustrating thing for me is the knowledge that many of them will end up in prison, in a hospital emergency room, or dying as a result of their research. The enemy of their souls is actively looking for people to destroy, and it doesn’t matter to him if those people are Christians or atheists. He will try his best to destroy them. That is why I appeal to you to pray for the people who are in the enemies clutches. The power of praying saints can break the chains the enemy is using to keep addicts in bondage. I thank you for being such an important part of the Lord’s army.
In His service,

COMPUTER DONATIONS: If you have a tower computer or laptop that you would be willing to donate, drop them at Hope Ministries. A volunteer will recondition them for our office use or needy clients. No printers or monitors are needed.