Aug 16, 2016

Well Praise Be Unto our Jesus!!!
I feel so blessed, being part of a ministry that is NOT ashamed of being known as Christ followers, especially during this time in this world of extreme Chaos.
Hope Ministries is a well spring of “Helping Hearts Heal”, through the power that comes from being born again of Jesus’ Holy Spirit. It is His Hearts’ desire for all to come to the knowledge of His saving grace. Are we better than anyone else? No, we are forgiven the blood of Jesus paid for all our sins. The world we live in wants us to live our whole life living in condemnation, when the truth is we are forgiven because of Jesus’ unselfish act granting us salvation unto Him. Please, if you are not sure because the World is overwhelming your conviction, come to Hope Ministries and let us help you find your path to loving Jesus once again. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life and No one comes to the Father except through Him. I pray man will take advantage of what Hope Ministries has to offer. We are here to help the wounded get strong and vibrant for Jesus in your own Church.
I would also like to take this time to remind everyone our Ryan’s 5K Run is coming up on October 15, 2016. The proceeds are used to help those choosing recovery from their addictions and to those who have recovery through education to become Addiction Counselors creating a continuum of “Helping Hearts Heal”.
Also, October 17, 2016 I will be going to Panama City, Panama on a mission’s trip for eight days with Gary Oates Ministries. I am in great expectation for your prayers and support as the Lord leads you. Please make out checks to Hope Ministries and enclose a separate note stating for Joe’s mission trip.
Blessings and Life! In Christ, Joe

Last Friday I called the lawn fertilizer company, who sprays our yard. For a couple of years, they have been faithful about coming every other month and spraying for weeds and pest and we are faithful about watering on our assigned days.
A couple times we had to call them because we felt our lawn was not up to par. They came out checked, readjusted their work and we did our part. Of course, when all is good, you say, “why are we paying them for this? We can buy the fertilizer, ant killers, and chinch bug applications and do it every quarter ourselves, as we have in the past year after year.” But, guess what, no rain came one summer, watering didn’t keep up and then a winter frost came. Even though we were faithful about doing our job, the unexpected elements came and took a toll on the lawn. All our time and money spent on the lawn, looked like it was down the drain. Would we throw in the towel and not care for the lawn? We are good stewards of what the Lord had given us so why would we? We prayed what to do and the Lord led us to call a reputable lawn care service. They explained that they would turn this Floratam lawn around as it has special needs and wants, also needed extra TLC to flourish. We believed them and boy what a blessing. We went to the people who know. They are the experts in lawns. The lesson well learned was that we were spending as much money on product, time, etc. as having it done professionally. Now again having 29 days of no rain, even though watering, some brown spots are appearing; do we blame them for no rain? No, we stand in faith and then stand, and know the Lord will provide.
This is the same for our lives. Day after day being faithful, doing the right thing in our life, then something comes in and we get into turmoil. Asking why me? How come us? It’s not fair. I feel like throwing in the towel. Lesson…Seek out the Greatest encourager in your life. Go to your Creator, the Lord God Almighty. He has all the answers for what to do.
Hope Ministries is a place where you can come and share your dry areas, weak spots, pests or concerns. The Holy Spirit will revive, renew, restore you from the inside out and sow new seeds of faith to spring up love, joy and peace into every area of your life.

Saturday, October 15, 2016 – 8:00 AM at Goode Park, Palm Bay
For more information and to register: UpRunningRaceManagement.com
Ryan’s Hope is a community 5k Run/Walk that will help raise awareness about addiction in our community. It is also a way to share resources that are available to members of the community
that might suffer from addiction or may know someone that suffers from addiction.
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses, to the life of faith, let
us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let
us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus,
the champion who initiates and perfects our faith. (Hebrews 12:1) Our addiction awareness run is coming near. If you know anyone that has struggled with addiction or have run that race yourself, please come out and run or walk at your own pace. To get the discounted rate sign up before Sept.19 online at Ryan’s Hope 5K or visit Ryan’s Hope on Facebook. We thank you for your support and love that you share.

Grief Share Classes at Hope Ministries are going on now, Monday’s at 3:00PM and newcomers are welcome at any time.
God continues to show himself through all the healing that takes place.

I firmly believe that Hope is critical to life. Here is my definition for what Hope is: Hope is a current confidence in a better tomorrow. Anyone who has no Hope has no reason to continue to try. Where does an addict go to find Hope? Many make their way here to Hope Ministries. One addict came in the other day because he saw the HOPE MINISTRIES sign in our parking lot. He came in saying, “Is there any Hope for me? He really wanted a handout. He didn’t leave with money but he did leave with some Hope instead.
For the addicted person, who has lost all hope for a better tomorrow, they find it difficult seeing beyond today’s pain and misery. There are two huge hurtles that all people in recovery need to overcome before they can put drug use behind them for good.
1. Their many experiences of failure make the possibility of success difficult for them to grasp.
2. Their lack of Faith in God…people and themselves makes Hope all but invisible to them.
Many of these people with no hope make their way to Hope Ministries because they are looking for help. Most of them have very little, if any, hope that they will ever get off drugs. My job as a minister of the Gospel is to instill Hope where none exists. I have to believe FOR them until they can believe for themselves.
A while ago I read of a lab rat study done in the 1950’s by a scientist named Curt Richter. He took a bunch of rats and put them into a glass jar halfway filled with water and timed how long it took for the rats to give up swimming and drown. It only took about
15 minutes before they died. He then repeated the experiment, of course, with a new group of rats; but this time he rescued them from the jar shortly before the 15 minute mark. He let them dry off; he gave them some food, and allowed them to recuperate. And then he put them back in the jar of water to see how long they would swim before they gave up. The amazing result was that these rats after being rescued only once; and with the hope that they might possibly be rescued again, were able to swim for over 60 hours before they finally gave up and drowned. There is a huge difference between 15 minutes and 60 hours. Dr. Richter’s conclusion was that the possibility of being rescued again gave them hope to keep swimming. Addicts are not rats but all people, including addicts need Hope in order to succeed. The person who has failed continuously because of their addiction will have a difficult time believing that they will ever be free from their drugs. Even if they could manage to break their addiction to drugs or alcohol they find it next to impossible to visualize a happy life after quitting.
I recently met with a guy who had been a functioning alcoholic all of his adult life. He managed to stay sober until after he left work every day. A few years ago he retired and his alcoholism quickly took over his life. In his retirement he would drink from sunup to sundown. When he came into my office he was in the last stages of alcoholism. I made him promise to put himself into the hospital so that he could detox and to call me as soon as he finishes his detox. This week he returned for another counseling appointment and I could hardly believe it was the same person who was in my office a month earlier. He had been sober almost three weeks and the gleam in his eyes showed that he now had hope that his retirement years are going to be good. He has reconnected with Christ and was excited about the Hope for his future. That is why I love this job. Watching God work miracles right in front of my eyes keeps me energized and motivated. Thank you for co-laboring with us in prayer.

I will begin a new book study September 14, 2016, Wednesday’s from 6:00-7:30 PM at Hope Ministries entitled,
“The Resilient Self” How Survivors of Troubled Families Rise above Adversity, by Steven J. Wolin, M.D. and Sybil Wolin, Ph.D.
God is always involved in our lives. In the mist of our daily living we are unaware of His presence.
1. When we are growing up in an imperfect environment. 2. When we are in a troubled relationship and/or raising our children.
3. Why? Because of #1 and #2 the subject is resilience, the capacity to rebound from hardship experienced early in life. This book is about strength and courage. You will read about survivor’s aspirations and accomplishments, which are often remarkable and just as often overlooked. 2Corinthians 5:17-19 This will be a 9 week course. If you would like to attend please call Hope @ 676-5588, ask for me or leave a message for me. I need to know how many books to order. The book cost is $18.00; I have not been able to find any for less. Women only, sorry Nursery not provided
Gateway to Life/ Hope Administrative Ministry Tom & Barbara Murgatroyd
ANGEL TREE CHRISTMAS is coming fast and we‘re in desperate need of churches in Brevard County to participate.
If your church has a heart for children, please contact Tom or Barbara Murgatroyd at Hope Ministries @ 321-676-5588.

COMPUTER DONATIONS: If you have a tower computer or laptop that you would be willing to donate, drop them at Hope Ministries. A volunteer will recondition them for our office use or needy clients. No printers or monitors are needed.
S.O.L.A.C.E. (Soldiers Overcoming Life After Combat Ends) the Hub, Inc. and Hope Ministries have come together to bring healing to those who struggle with combat trauma PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). Support groups using the Combat Trauma Healing Manual, a faith based curriculum, are held on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30PM at Hope Ministries 1805 Canova St SE Ste1, Palm Bay, Fl 32909. Call Julia Craft at 321-795-4490