Sep 23, 2011

How blessed we are to be called children of God for that is what we are; Children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision, or a husband’s will, but born of God. To be born of God requires believing and every human has the ability to believe and the choice to do so or not. Sound easy? That’s because it is easy!God purposely made it easy, so no man could say it was beyond his reach.

We at Hope Ministries are all born again and we are not ashamed to admit it. It is because of our rebirth that we are able to help those who God sends to us. We the staff and volunteers at Hope all honor what Jesus has accomplished for us. The healing comes to those who also receive the glorious inheritance of the Saints.

We all have come through multiple battles of life and have received healing from our “Healer,” who is now seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. Jesus is His name; the glorious “Lamb of God,” who has taken away all the sins of the world. If you are living in the land of uncertainty then perhaps it is time for you to become very certain of the Truth of who you are in Christ.

We at Hope are forever dedicated to praying for this purpose. With all the uncertainties that surround each of us in this life, perhaps it is time to grasp this good news; “Jesus is the anchor of our Souls,” even for the now! May God bless you for all that you do and are for us at Hope Ministries! In Christ, Joe

My grandson, Cody had a wonderful summer with no trips to the hospital! However he is facing surgery in the next few weeks. He will have a stomach peg put in, so he can get rid of the nasal gastric feeding tube. He will also have brain surgery to deal with a ventricle that is not draining properly. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

Being a part of Hope continues to be a joy and a blessing. I have been able to work with women, who are searching and learning about a relationship with God and the abundant life promised to us. Most have misunderstood Him and His plan for their lives and react with wonder and astonishment as He reveals Himself to them.

The Seminar Series will resume Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM at
Melbourne Community Church on September 28th.

You can find the weekly topics listed and described at their excellent website: www.reflecting.org. Also at the Hope Ministries website: www. hopeministriesflorida.org. Futureseminar schedules will be posted on the “Calendar” section of Hope Ministries website with Topics, Summaries, Locations and Times.

Sexual addiction destroys marriages, alienates parents from their children, causes loss of employment and often leads to chronic and fatal diseases. Sexual addiction affects people in all walks of life, students, teachers, trades people, doctors, lawyers, and clergy alike.

No one wants to be addicted to sex. Not everyone who occasionally views pornography or engages in some other sinful sexual behavior is a sex addict. The difference is that the addict is powerless to stop his sinful behavior, even in the face of negative consequences. Secrecy and shame keep him locked in the prison house of addiction.

Men in Focus is a support group which (over the past 12 years) has been helping men who struggle with the many issues of sexual addiction find real and lasting freedom. We are pleased to announce that God has enabled us to open a new group in the Eau Gallie section of Melbourne. For information on this new group call Lew Gervais @321-508-7603 or John Maas @321-626-3030

It is that time of year again! Christmas is coming sooner than you think, and as the Brevard County Coordinators for Prison Fellowship Angel Tree, we once again find ourselves in desperate need of churches with the heart for this unique ministry. If your church feels led to helping provide Christmas gifts for children, who have one or both parents in prison we can give you all the information that you need to join 19 other churches
in the county in reaping this blessing. Contact Tom Murgatroyd at Hope Ministries, or email us atbjmurgatroyd2@gmail.com

Server Problems
Our server at Hope Ministries is about to die, so we desperately need to replace it with a newer one. If anyone knows of a server that could be utilized for our network please let us know. If we are not able to put our hands on one soon we will be forced to spend the money and purchase one. Either way this will be an expense that exceeds our budget so any help we can get from our friends and supporters will be appreciated.
If you have some information that would be helpful in upgrading our server please call Lew Gervais at 676-5588

Whenever I become unrelational, unable to lovingly connect with my spouse or a close Christian friend… I can be pretty sure there’s a trigger involved. If I am unable to figure out what and where the trigger came from, I ask for help. If your reactions to those you love most are causing you pain, give us a call to set up an appointment.

We thank all our guest for coming; an enjoyable, informative and uplifting time was had by all. Our guest’s shared a little about themselves and why they came. Our missionary staff and a few of our volunteers shared a little about themselves and their involvement with Hope Ministries.
A couple of sharing’s were very inspiring to those present.
We love and appreciate our volunteers, and each of them has an inspiring story to tell, of how they came to Hope Ministries.
We would like them to prayerfully consider allowing us to share them through the newsletter and our website.
The food of course was wonderful as was the fellowship with each other.
We thank God for the opportunity to continue to “Help Hearts Heal”

Don’t tell God how big your storm is.
Tell the storm how big your God is!