Jun 22, 2011


The world and our country have been experiencing extreme weather, such as Australia’s tremendous flooding; Japan’s earthquakes and Tsunamis resulting in possible radiation leaks from an Atomic Power plant; Earthquake in Spain; F4 and F5 Tornadoes in several states in the USA, etc. Perhaps, God would like us to understand that He is in control of life and not us.
No one I know has ever been able to choose their parents; where they would be born; determine their intellect; or physical attributes, etc. All these things were His decisions. How awesome is our God and He doesn’t make mistakes. He created you perfect, in His eyes. Now that we know that, let’s give up our desire to be or look like someone else and utilize the God given gifts and talents he bestowed in us. That is why He created everyone with different fingerprints; to prove He is in control! If I were looking for the meaning of living, I could find my answer as Jesus said in John 6: 28, 29. Then they asked Him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?” Jesus answered, “the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”
I pray you are able to receive this truth today as never before. Now more than ever, those who are God’s children, will choose to live by Faith in the Son of God; who loves us and gave His life for us.
All Praise, Honor, Glory and Power are unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is at the Helm and we are the Willing Vessel.
He is the Master of the Wind and Creator of the Sails. He is the Captain of our Surrendered Lives, guiding us to Safe Harbor.
In that Knowledge we can sit back and enjoy the ride!
The Staff of Hope Ministries thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your prayers and support and helping us to
Help Hearts Heal!!
In Christ, Joe


My ministry has changed drastically since November 7, 2010. I have been serving my daughter (Jessica) and her family, who live in Charlottesville, VA for about 19 weeks or so. Jessica was on partial bed rest in November due to a difficult pregnancy. She has two sons; 5 and 3 ½ years old, and her husband is in medical school. Her baby, Cody was born January 17th with Spina Bifida and has spent most of his short life in the hospital. Cody is currently at home, but is unable to swallow without aspirating food into his lungs. He is receiving nourishment through a nasal gastric tube. We are praying that he will be healed from that situation without more surgery. I am very grateful for being able to support them. I’m thankful for the patience and understanding of my clients here at Hope Ministries, and for the support of my co-workers. Lucy

We continue to minister to broken hearted people and reaffirm that everything we have to give them is the Grace and Healing our Loving Father has given us. Because the world is becoming more dangerous and unsettled, the more we need to recognize and experience our peace and safety is found only in Him. May we help those we serve know the importance of allowing Jesus to be everything they need and becoming complete in Him. Have a blessed summer and remember us in your prayers as we remember you. Mary

“To God be the Glory”
We are wrapping up “Shelter from the Storm” and have a few new people interested in the September, 2011 group. What a Blessing and a privilege to see God working in the lives of His children. I never cease to be amazed at the working out of God’s grace in people’s lives. I get to watch them freed from fear, anger, mental, emotional and physical hurt, and pain. They overcome obstacles in their lives, due to those things which kept them bound and learn how to be in the world, instead of reacting to it and those around them. Not only does this build their faith, but mine as well. Unfortunately, there are many more walking wounded out there so please pray with us for all of them to find their way to God, the Hope of us all. Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will keep you, Linda

I came on board Hope Ministries soon after it came into being. My prior background was counseling and ministerial positions for many years. I still love to help people find Christ and to really know Him and the Power of His Resurrection. I love to see people grow into the full stature of the Son of God and become ministers themselves.
We appreciate your encouragement and support in the past and present. God Bless you, Louis Verini

Ready, Set, Go! The new Hope Outreach Ministries Seminar Series will begin this July. You will be able to keep up with me and the progress of this ministry via a regular newsletter, on Hope Ministries’ web page at www.hopeministriesflorida.org
I will also list a regular schedule for the Seminar, which is open to the public. Please pray for us as we begin this exciting new
endeavor. In His Service, Dick Phelps

I have been seeing many people in the past few months who are struggling with a pain pill addiction. And many of these people are not the typical partying type addict. Many of them are people who never partied or used illegal drugs. They are people who were prescribed pain pills by a doctor because of a physical injury. They used the medication as prescribed but for too long. When the time came to quit taking them they opted to get another script. At that point, they began the downward spiral into addiction. The first thirty to sixty days they were medicating the injury but after that they started medicating to keep from going through the withdrawals from the pain pills. Most people who cross that line can’t see what is happening. They truly believe they are still in pain from the injury
but they have crossed over and are medicating their addiction to pain pills. By the time they realize that they are addicted, they find themselves trapped. At that point, some will begin to buy extra pills on the street or will see several doctors to feed their growing addiction. This is a growing problem in Florida and judging by the amount of calls I receive it isn’t going away any time soon.
In the early eighties I watched “Crack Cocaine” take over this country like a tidal wave. In the nineties I witnessed another wave of destruction sweep over our country. That was the growing problem of Meth labs and Crystal Meth addiction. Today we are seeing a larger wave, a tsunami of legal Pain Pill addictions bringing many in America into bondage. As Americans we are way too quick to medicate the least little pain we might have. We have to teach people to learn how to cope with pain rather than medicating it all away. I appreciate your prayers for wisdom as I swim through this new wave of destruction. I fear that I am only seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We certainly need God’s power to combat this growing epidemic.
In Him, Lew Gervais.\

In April of 1994 the ministry, now known as Hope Ministries was established. The vision was to offer spiritual encouragement to Christians, who were struggling with the issues of life. I can testify that it all started with a simple vision for “Helping Hearts Heal.” Many people came together to prepare our facilities and provide financial support and then the “hurting” came for healing from all manner of problems.
I have rejoined the ministry, since retiring two years ago, and I find that nothing has changed. A humble group of staff and volunteers are still passionately dedicated to “Helping Hearts Heal.” The only difference that I see is an increasing and exciting diversity of ministry. As founder I can attest to the fact that Hope Ministries could only exist,
and continue to do so by the Will, Power, Spirit and Sovereignty of God. In His Service, Dick Phelps