Ministry Services

Biblical Counseling


Hope's trained Biblical Counselors and Addictions Counselors provide one-on-one private and confidential sessions.  An intake evaluation process determines what services are necessary and who will facilitate them. This ministry includes a family focus. 


  • Intervention:  Assisting individuals, families and businesses at times of crisis.

  • Encouragement:  Providing compassionate support and encouragement.

  • Biblical Counseling:  Offering private and group support for healing and growth.

  • Referrals:  Providing resource information and facilitating referrals.

  • Teaching:  Instructing individuals and groups with life-giving truths of Christianity.

  • Training:  Facilitating skills of compassionate care for Christian leaders and recovery ministries. 


Education & Training

Facilitator training seminars are offered in order to help churches enter into the growing mission field of wounded, downtrodden and addicted people all around them. Our trainer will come to your church and train your people and help you start and organize a Christ-centered  support group ministry.

 Guest speakers: We have seasoned teachers who will come to your church, Sunday school, small group, or recovery ministry to teach on the topics of addictions and
Christ-centered recovery.  For more information
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Experience Ultimate Recovery through 
Christ-Centered Support Groups

We offer Christian 12-step and other Christian support groups, also bible study groups that are all available to the community.

Fire and Corporate Chaplaincy

This is a new ministry of Hope Ministries that extends an outreach to the community. It is patterned after military chaplaincy. The goal is to provide a chaplain in the workplace in the tradition of military chaplaincy and that of fire and police. The focus of the work is to provide a presence in the workplace: allowing workers to know their Chaplain.

The major thrust of this ministry is to the Fire Service. Our chaplain has experience in the fire service and a desire to provide service to Fire and Rescue workers.  There is a willingness to provide service in any employment setting where management and workers are desirous of a Chaplain's Service.

Chaplain Joe Pellizze leads the Hope Ministries Fire and Corporate Chaplain's Service.  He is President  of Hope Ministries and is a pastor and pastoral counselor.  The service is offered without charge to the employer and their employees.

Gateway To Life
Prisoner's & their Families Outreach

Tom and Barbara Murgatroyd have been married 39 years, blessed with three sons, and five grandchildren and are the leaders of this very important ministry.  They personally understand how incarceration affects the families left behind. They experienced it and are reaching out to help others caught in difficult situation.  Tom and Barbara say, "We are not professionals, we just have a heart for the hurting."  

What is being offered now and what will be offered in the future.

  • Angel Tree Christmas 
  • After-Release :  (Marriage Mentoring,  One on One Addiction Counseling, Anger Management)

Tom and Barbara were called by God to prison outreach ministry and they are reaching out
to inmates and their families to show them love in practical ways and show them that they 
are not alone.