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Below are actual stories of people helped by Hope Ministries.
Certain identifying details may have been changed.
In all cases, the people involved have continued to grow.


 You counseled myself and my wife awhile ago.  God has definitely used those previous trials to strengthen our marriage and family.  I fear that those who help all too often only get the opportunity to see people when their down and I apologize for being one of those.  we are both extremely grateful for the role you played in our lives and doing God's work for us.  your impact and contribution to our marriage/family is something that we will never forget, THANK YOU! Your ministry has had such an impact that whenever I hear of others having issues I immediately refer them to your Ministry.  Thank you again and I hope that you, your family and Ministry continue to reap the benefits of doing God's will for others.

A quick update on our family; my wife has returned to work in a very nice role which enables her to balance her schedule; so she can homeschool our two girls.   Due to feeling called to pursue medicine on another level, I will finish all of my pre-med coursework this semester, finish my bachelors' in Micro-biology, and then God willing get accepted into med school, which won't be too bad for a kid from the wrong side of the tracks that didn't get to graduate high school with his class; but that seems to be pretty consistent with how I've seen God work. I believe it definitely shows His strength by getting a chum like me through that.  More importantly our marriage and immediate family are more blessed and stronger than ever---Praise God!  Thank you again for all of your help and God Bless !



     What do you do when you live your whole life as one big fat lie?  What do you do when you are made to believe that all the people who claim to be trying to help you are actually trying to hurt you?  What do you do when you don’t trust anyone, not even yourself?

     It is a terrible cycle, how do you break it?    Nothing short of a miracle can.  It can only be God. 
     A miracle of God brought two loving people into my life, (spiritual adopted parents).  They loved me with God’s unconditional love.   It took their love and patience before I could even trust anyone.  One day they suggested I seek counseling.  I didn’t want to but eventually I did. I was counseled for about a year.  Some time later my nightmares, etc.,  had returned and I reluctantly sought counseling.  I was referred to a biblical counselor at Hope Ministries but every fiber of my being wanted to run.  I decided that I wasn’t going to tell her a thing.   I was terrified of telling my story of abuse.  To my surprise, I found only love and compassion as she shared her story first.  She explained how she used to behave and how she was now.  How as she surrendered her will and life to God he healed her heart, mind and soul.  I couldn’t believe my ears, for the first time in my life I had hope that I could be different.   I tried for many years to be what my family wanted me to be, but I kept failing.  When I tried to consider the source, I was told that I was the crazy one.  I had no one to guide me into a healthy loving, Christian lifestyle.  I received hope at Hope.  She shattered the walls that I had built within five minutes of my walking in and I began to talk.  She was the first counselor that was just like me.  She cared, she loved, she understood, and most importantly, she validated me.  I no longer felt crazy.  I continued going to her for quite some time and still keep in touch with her.  We have formed a special bond, and I’m truly blessed that she is a part of my life.   My counselor, spiritual adopted parents, and my best friend played an instrumental part in my recovery including getting me to the Women’s Refuge. 
So who started all this? GOD. Who is faithful to complete all of this? GOD. Who do I thank for all this? GOD.
May God use me, and may I always be humble, remembering how I used to be.  I pray this with gratitude, love and faith. 



       I started going to Hope Ministries after my husband kicked me out of our house over another woman. I was devastated to say the least and in denial.  We had been having problems for four years, the biggest thing was that my husband was lying about everything and becoming very manipulative.   That left me empty everyday, and that emptiness needed to be filled. My home life over those years became unbearable.  I was constantly aiming for perfection so my husband would accept me; always having a positive attitude around him so he would find me lovable. I would cry and pray during the day and night, never really knowing where he was or what he was doing and especially why he wanted nothing to do with me.   
       Leaving that situation was actually a blessing. I had to start thinking for myself again. Knowing that I could not deal with this on my own; I took a friend's advice and looked for counseling. Hope ministries was really the only option for me, because I wanted to talk to someone who would direct me in the way of Christ and it was free. I always question the sincerity of someone’s counsel if money is involved; therefore Hope fit my criteria. 
      Getting counseling at Hope Ministries was so much more than I ever thought it could be. It was very interactive and they really taught me the truth about God’s Love and Grace in a non-judgmental environment. I really can not put into words how amazing God is!  He really wants us to trust him for everything; protection, provision, friendship, finances and salvation. He created the Universe and everything therein; it all comes from Him, and we are His. He knows how many hairs are on our head and everything we will do and say... and loves us anyway. 
      Hope Ministries offered such a fresh perspective; God is not “out there” somewhere, His Holy Spirit is in us, interceding for us. I was totally underestimating God. I really feel like he rescued me from a lie and put me on a path of truth and love. I pray to know His character more than ever. I have no doubt that He will reflect Himself through me as an example of love and forgiveness to my ex-husband.   God is orchestrating his perfect plan; everything He does, or allows to be done, has a purpose.  The hardest part at times is going from “How did this happen to me?” to “This did happen to me and God is in control of it all
      The prayer that has kept me going throughout this tumultuous  time is “Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, And lead me in your everlasting way” Psalm 139: 23 & 24. He has been faithful in carrying out His word in my life.  I truly look forward to this new season of my life, this time with God as my guide.


Family of Five
Alcohol and drugs had made a father of three an unreliable provider for his family. He and his wife came to Hope Ministries looking for solutions to these and other problems so they could offer their children a more stable life. The husband accepted a referral to a Christian residential program, and Hope Ministries provided personal ministry to the wife. The family of five is thriving today.

Troubled Marriage
A couple had become estranged because of a serious issue that frequently leads to divorce, and their marriage was in jeopardy. The husband and wife received individual counseling from two of Hope Ministries' staff members, and each decided that they wanted to work on reconciling. They continued to be assisted individually, as well as together. After being given the tools to heal their relationship, they remain committed to a strong marriage.

Abusive Relationship
A married couple came to Hope Ministries seeking help for their very troubled relationship. The wife, who had been abused as a child, was also being abused by her husband. After going through a process of personal meetings, teaching and support groups, the wife is now helping other women who are victims of abuse.