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Dick Phelps

Fire Chaplain, Author, Speaker



Dick Phelps was born on Easter Sunday, 1940, the eldest of four sons and grandson of the governor of New York. After service in the Army, Dick returned to his home state of Rhode Island to a life that included business and politics. At the age of 34 Dick had a spiritual experience that changed his direction to a lifetime of helping hurting people. In 1987, Dick felt a calling to be a Christian counselor and moved to Florida to start ministry as a Pastoral Counselor for a Christian church.

In August 1994 Dick was ordained as a Pastor and soon afterward founded Hope Ministries ( a Christian Counseling Center) that has thrived serving “hurting people”. While leading Hope Ministries Dick

 began a new ministry as a workplace Chaplain and became a Fire Chaplain and volunteer firefighter.

Dick retired as President of Hope Ministries in 2009 for health reasons and concentrated his energy on health improvement. After treatment for cardiac issues his energy levels were insufficient to sustain his leadership of Hope Ministries. Dick spent his energy on a major weight loss effort and his energy levels improved greatly with the loss of every pound. In 2011 Dick was welcomed back to the staff of Hope Ministries and in January 2012 he felt a calling to begin a ministry to firefighters with weight and obesity issues.

After a season of investigating the need for a Chaplain ministry that would focus on supporting and inspiring firefighters with weight and obesity issues, a non-profit corporation (Supporting Fire Fighters Inc.) was formed. The mission of the organization is to sponsor a major effort to inform and inspire firefighters with these issue.

Since formation of Supporting Fire Fighters Inc.,a webpage (firefightersweightloss.com), a Facebook page (firefightersweightloss) and a booklet (Chappy’s Weight Loss Solution) have been published. In addition, an “in house”Fire Department training (also called Chappy’s Weight Loss Solution) has been developed and presented in three states.

So, now, at the age of 75 Chaplain Phelps continues to serve the Lord on a full time basis engaged in writing and speaking while he also continues as a Fire Chaplain and a staff member of Hope Ministries. As the founder and former President of Hope Ministries Dick remains supportive of the leadership of Joe Pellizze as President of Hope Ministries. For more information on Dick’s ministry call 321-951-9477 or cell phone 321-693-3206 .

For more information call Dick @ 321-951-9477, Cell 321-693-3206  


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