Max Ahlgren

Max brings to Hope Ministries the wonderful tool of Theophostic Prayer. 
TPM has offered freedom for many suffering with anxiety, depression,rejection, addictive behaviors,
homosexuality, fear, substance abuse, sexual abuse, eating disorders, family issues and traumatic memory.

Theo (God) Phostic (light) is a ministry of prayer that is Christ centered and God reliant for its direction
and outcome. Simply stated, it is encouraging a person to discover and expose what he believes that is
a falsehood; and then encouraging him to have an encounter with Jesus Christ through prayer, thus
allowing the Lord to reveal His truth to the wounded person's heart and mind.  It is not about advice giving, diagnosing problems, or sharing opinions or insight.  It is about allowing a person to have a personal
encounter with the Lord Jesus in the midst of the person's emotional pain.  It is the Holy Spirit that leads
us into all truth and that it is He that intercedes for us in prayer to the father. 

Max received his initial training in Theophostic Prayer Ministry at Dunklin Memorial Camp in 2006.  Max will continue to offer TPM basic facilitator training to help churches in Brevard County start or expand their lay counseling ministry.

You can learn more about TPM on the web at:     

Max holds an undergraduate degree in Pastoral Studies from North Central University and a Masters Degree in Mission Science from AG Theological Seminary.  He is a member of the International Association for Theophostic Ministry.

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